Lizette Volkwyn

Living life beyond the obvious

Lizette is the coach who will sign you up..flip your day,

drag you up, kick your butt and most of all

get you to the very best of YOU.


Lizette leads from the front, she’s patient and ensures that everyone gets to where they need to be. Margaret Hirsh, Executive Director, Hirsh’s Homestore


Are you in that place?


You know the one … where you’re stumbling around in the basement of broken dreams wondering where it all went wrong.


When you're in that place it’s hard to see your potential and usefulness to the world.


Know that it’s probably the best place you can be right now because it’s an ideal opportunity to springboard from the dank darkness into the light and unleash the epic you into the world.


I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. Know that this is a fleeting place, a place where people a like you and me are forged in the crucible of fire and come out more secure, powerful and fulfilled.


Know that you, like the hummingbird (my totem animal) are built for a purpose. It’s tiny, less than the weight of a spoon of sugar (5 grams). Its impact is huge; pollinating in the region of 14-million flowers in its lifetime (3 - 5 years). What could you do, you who have the potential of more than a 1000 hummingbirds?


It’s my mission to help you navigate this place so that you too can be like the hummingbird and stop playing small so that you can live a life of purpose.


It’s not complicated. To get out of the basement into a place of pure possibility, you sometimes only need a nudge, a steadying touch and a hand up. Sometimes you just need an experienced guide that believes in you (more than you do in yourself). Sometimes you just need a guide who has walked the same path as you are walking now to help you navigate the way. A guide that can see your potential and help you unleash something quite magnificent into this world. You!


That’s my job. And I’m good at it. I’m there to take you beyond the obvious into something else, something quite magnificent … your fulfilled and fulfilling life.


I’ve helped more than 1000 individuals and teams get unstuck, get up and get going for more than 20 years.


I’ve helped them get clear and focused so that they could take bigger steps than they ever imagined possible.


I can help you achieve this too!


I help you take control of your life so that you live it on your terms. I help you unlock your authenticity, confidence, passion and energy. I help craft you into someone unstoppable … a force of nature.


Imagine what that would be like … living life on your terms and beyond your wildest imagination?


Imagine if you stopped playing small and started playing big, what might your life turn out like?


Let me help you play bigger, become more and claim the life you were destined to live.


Reach out to me on +27 (0) 72 431 2023 for a discovery call and let’s see how you and I can co-create something quite wonderful.


Lizette is one of those unique people that crosses your life very seldom but with great impact and results.

Sarel du Plessis, Owner, Lekker Media and Media Monster



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